Colors and finishes

The samples shown below may vary slightly from the actual colors. Please refer to actual samples available through your Artopex distributor before specifying.

Grade 1


White (TU32) White
Vanilla (TU61) Vanilla
Chinchilla (TU69) Chinchilla
Black (TU99) Black
Grey (TU93) Grey
Chocolate (TU80) Chocolate
Cream (TU63) Cream
Taupe (TU48) Taupe


Owl (TT82) Owl
Julep (TT51) Julep
Oxford (TT45) Oxford
Fog (TT85) Fog
Raven (TT91) Raven
Egyptian (TT42) Egyptian


Flint (GE93) Flint
Carbon (GE84) Carbon
Moonwalk (GE82) Moonwalk
Cinder (GE83) Cinder
Atmosphere (GE44) Atmosphere
Jade (GE52) Jade
Lipstick (GE36) Lipstick
Firecracker (GE75) Firecracker
Sunlight (GE23) Sunlight
Flax (GE12) Flax
Poplar (GE11) Poplar

Punch Card

Abyss (PH13) Abyss
Carbon (PH02) Carbon
Silver Lining (PH04) Silver Lining
Cadet (PH10) Cadet
Sky (PH06) Sky
Crimson (PH07) Crimson
Crisp (PH05) Crisp
Putty (PH03) Putty


Caper (MR98) Caper
Granite (MR91) Granite
Indigo (MR35) Indigo
Turquoise (M34) Turquoise
Pewter (MR93) Pewter


Black (LF90) Black
Gunmetal (LF88) Gunmetal
Silversmith (LF91) Silversmith
Cement (LF99) Cement


Jet Black (LO99) Jet Black
Dominos (LO98) Dominos
Dim Grey (LO93) Dim Grey
Graphite (LO96) Graphite