Today’s office environment is evolving to accommodate a wide range of tasks in flexible and inspiring collaborative spaces that provide the perfect balance between individual and team work. At Artopex, we manufacture aesthetic office furniture and design innovative solutions that connect people to the task at hand, whatever that task may be. Bring your brand's personality to life with Artopex.

Take Off 1
Desking and Benching
Take Off Tables Ajustables Decor 1
Sit Stand Furniture
Downtown Lounge 4
Collaborative Furniture
Take Off Conference 2
Conference and Training Furniture
Essentia Wood 2
Wood Furniture
Cuadro Back Final
Reception Rc2 Decor
Uni T N7 System Furn 8
Systems Furniture
Blitz 4
Tb Produits Murs Architecturaux
Architectural Walls
Noki2016 Decor2 Detail Final
Noki Lock
Accessoires Electricite 1
Metal Filing 3
Metal Storage
Locker 2
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