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Give a new dimension to your space with Sky

Sky architectural walls are designed to create bright, inspiring workplaces that foster efficiency and collaboration in the most striking way. Sky will change the way you look at space design – for today and tomorrow.

Available exclusively in Quebec, the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario.

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  • Environment

    Sky architectural walls correspond to your corporate philosophy for sustainability. They significantly reduce the amount of construction waste generated and their unique properties can contribute to LEED certification credits. When you let the light in, everyone benefits.

  • Acoustics

    Sky provides private environments for meetings, as well as for closed offices. The superior acoustic properties of the panel composition ensure fewer distractions so that concentrating on the task at hand is easier on both sides of the wall.

  • Demountable

    What is your next move? Sky architectural walls keep pace with your company’s evolution – modify existing configurations or take them with you to your next space. With Sky, there is no reason to fear change.

  • Flexibility

    Sky provides the design freedom to bring your vision to light. The flexibility of Sky architectural walls open up endless creative possibilities by breaking down barriers and adapting to the unique architecture of any space.

  • Technology

    Sky walls are the future that you can benefit from today. With functional design features and the seamless integration of technology, you are always one click away from connecting to others and the freedom to controlling the degree of privacy.

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