Universal Glass Protective Screens

A versatile and quality solution

Today’s work environment needs to combine safety and productivity. Artopex new collection of universal glass protective screens meet these needs and have been designed to adapt to any type of environment where a physical distance between individuals is required. The different screen models can easily be integrated into an existing workstation, reception desk, or a cafeteria table, without compromising the aesthetics of the work environment.

  • Offered in a closed or transaction version, which includes a 4-inch opening under the screen to allow the passage of small objects or documents.

  • U-shaped protective screens are offered in three models according to the level of protection and the desired style, to compliment your space.

  • Screens are made of 1/8'' tempered glass.

  • Levelers and adjustable feet allowing a 1 ½" adjustment for the freestanding lateral models.

Artopex Ecrans Protection Verre Poste04 1800X820
Artopex Ecrans Protection Verre Poste03 583X437
"U" Shaped Glass Protective Screen
Artopex ecrans protection verre poste 05 583 x 437
Transaction Glass Protective Screen
Artopex Ecrans Poste01 Final 583X437
Freestanding Glass Protective Screen

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