Professional basketball team's training campus
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The new training campus for this professional basketball team is twice the size of their previous training center in order to include new workout equipment, training and recovery faculties and business offices. The gym, workout area, coaches’ offices and dining area are now better connected in the design plan that promotes more open areas with an emphasis on creating a “flow” between people and spaces.

A good example of this is the open office space for administrative staff. The space has plenty of large windows ensuring that the 155 workstations benefit from natural light and views. The choice of woodgrain laminate on the Take Off storage and Nano system panels reflects the wood ceiling creating warmth in the space. Befitting the training center philosophy, the sports team put the wellbeing of their employees first by providing height adjustable tables. Shared storage hutches placed on Uni-T system panels add a punch of visual interest and utility to the space. The combination Uni-T panels for access to electricity and thin Nano panels for privacy keeps the space light and airy.

Artopex’s Noki electronic lock was an important feature for the client. A wardrobe at each workstation allows employees to have their personal items close by and secured with Noki.

So far there have been winning reviews from the players and employees – here’s hoping the team’s season will be as well!