Sky 19
2 Artopex Gbv Quebec Blitz Take Off 2
3 Artopex Gbv Quebec Murs Blitz Take Off 11
4 Artopex Gbv Quebec Blitz Flashback Take Off
5 Artopex Gbv Quebec Murs Blitz Take Off Confrence 1
6 Artopex Gbv Quebec Murs Blitz Take Off Conference 1
7 Artopex Gbv Quebec Confrence Take Off Crema Chaise Et Tabouret

The goal of the architects on the project was to create a distinctive and warm work environment for the GBV law firm. Artopex worked closely with the team to develop custom furniture solutions tailored to the functional requirements and space limitations. Artopex Sky architectural walls were customized with wood floor-level moldings and doors with a horizontal woodgrain. Closed office spaces were designed with the versatile Take Off office furniture collection and feature several storage options. The result is an inspiring, warm and distinguished space that exudes the prestige of the firm.