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Transcontinental was moving into new office space in downtown Montreal. Their wish was to create a bright open office environment with furniture that would provide enough privacy for productive individual work.

The workstations were designed with Air Line, chosen for its clean lines, as well as with Uni-T systems furniture to ensure the level of privacy required.The brightness of the space is highlighted by the white Artopex furniture as well as the frosted acrylic separator screens on the Uni-T panels. All employees benefit from the natural light from the enclosed offices along the windows, thanks to the Sky Artopex architectural walls. Each user in the open collaborative workspace has an assigned and integrateted personal locker, made to measure by Artopex. The Noki electronic lock, exclusive to Artopex, was requested in the RFP in order to manage the client’s major storage needs. Noki is a simple and effective solution to limit the access to the confidential documentation as well as to facilitate management (no key).