Electricity and lighting, Ergonomics, Organisation/Complements, Pigeonhole and Screen Riser, Wireless Charger and Personal Storage caddies.

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Adjustable Tables II

This adjustable table model benefits from an electrical system with two or three motors, depending on the configuration, so that height adjustment is quick, precise, and quiet. Three different heights can be programmed into memory. Adjustable table covers allow you to customize the style of your desk by adding one or two modesty panels, storage, or leg holsters. Adjustable tables are perfect for both a private space and an open space with shared tables.

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Air Line

With the simplicity, refinement and purity of its contemporary lines, Air Line achieves a perfect balance between lightness and strength. This ergonomic desk and storage collection allows for limitless options for combinations and layouts for both private offices and open office workspaces.

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More versatile than ever, Artopex's Axel tile system is ideal for open-plan workspaces. Inspired and ingenious, this integrated solution allows you to create environments that are full of authenticity and movement.

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Downtown flourishes in meeting, gathering and lounge zones creating casual, collaborative, professional work environments. Create workspaces from a wide range of seating and tables available with power access, USB outlets and a linked communication system. Complete the space with privacy screens, storage or cushions. Discover your collaboration style!

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Express Program

Order ready to be shipped in a maximum of 10 working days!

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Workspaces can easily take on many tasks with Genius office furniture. For training, conferences, meetings, and brainstorming sessions, Genius can be reconfigured on the spot! Thanks to an ingenious interlocking design, these training tables can be stored in a minimum of space.

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Home Office

Willow, Millie and Arlow

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The Locker collection brings originality and style to the traditional locker while being true to its purpose. Artopex Lockers provide storage for many spaces in the workplace – group them along a wall or at the end of benching tables, and even create a collaboration island. Open or with doors, in a variety of sizes, colors and configurations make every combination unique.

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Metal Storage

Cabinets, Pedestals, File Cabinets, Custom Files, Combination Storage, Compact Pedestals

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Mute Box

Mute BoxTM is available in Solo for a single person or in Collab for meetings with 2 to 4 people. Sometimes a refuge, sometimes an enclave for a multimedia meeting with colleagues, Mute Box improves privacy and wellness in open areas.

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Floor panel, privacy screen on freestanding furniture or separator panel for delineating workstations, Nano panel systems furntiure by Artopex meets all the challenges with its functionality, choice of height and material and adjustment functions. Nano is compatible with other Artopex office furniture collections.

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Present your company in its best light with business reception furniture by Artopex. The Reception furniture collection includes three styles each with its own distinct design and selection of materials and finishes.

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Seating Lounge and Beam

Create elegant and modern environments with the fluid lines and refined design of the Aramis lounge chair. Versatile and compact, Aramis is the perfect solution for relaxation areas, receptions, or in an office to welcome visitors. This 26” wide chair can easily be integrated into a variety of spaces.

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Seating Task and Visitor

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Take Off

This new generation of Take Off is distinguished by the high quality of the details that have been thought out and created to offer beautifully designed furniture from every angle. The collection is marked by the introduction of multiple finishes and new colours. Inspired by residential design, it allows the creation of enhanced environments thanks to its unparalleled modularity and impeccable aesthetics. The collection offers a wide range of products, all of which have a common feature: a modern look with a perfect finish.

Ultra versatile, this collection suits your needs and your spaces, whether they are open or closed. It encourages exchanges between employees thanks to its shared surfaces and improves your organization with its numerous storage units. More flexible than ever, it blends into different environments without compromising employee privacy. The adjustable pop-up surfaces also encourage a change of position during the day, offering first-class comfort.

These furniture's quality and flexibility make it the pillars of their popularity. Agile and adapted, this collection will quickly become a must-have!

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Take Off Conference

NOW AVAILABLE WITH OUR LAZER EDGE TECHNOLOGY. The Take Off collection by Artopex completes its workstation furniture of exceptional quality with products to facilitate collaborative, productive meetings. Take Off Conference is designed for conference rooms, meeting rooms and training rooms. Complete your design with complementary products including modular, bistro and occasional tables as well as storage with innovative and technological options. The tables can be customized with a selection of legs and bases to pair with a variety of surfaces.

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