Element Active Seating

Element Active seating stools by Artopex are designed to promote movement at the office. They allow for a semi-seated position that stimulates concentration and an ergonomic non static posture. Element Active stools are suitable for meeting and collaboration areas, as well as individual workstations.

  • Designed to make the workplace more active and less formal.

  • The stools help stimulate stabilizing muscles and improve blood circulation.

  • Portable and lightweight for quick reorganization of spaces, facilitated by the strap, available in a choice of colors.

  • Compact for small collaborative spaces.

  • Molded rotary base.

  • Variety of models: 12 "diam. X 16" high; 14 "diam. X 16", 20", 24" or 26" high; 18'' diam. X 20" high.

  • Indoor Advantage Gold certified.

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