A bit of whimsy, a touch of daring, a dash of originality and a generous scoop of comfort: that’s the magic formula for the Lancelot collection. The armchairs, love seats and sofas are available in two versions — classic or platform. With its contemporary design and relaxed ambiance, Lancelot adds an element of cool to your office.

  • Armchairs available with one, two, or three seats.

  • The seat is made of a hardwood plywood frame covered with an Ultra-Flex® membrane, high-density polyurethane foam and a layer of moisture-wicking fiber.

  • Choice of wood, aluminium, or chrome footings.

  • Options of fabrics colors is available among the Artopex chair fabric chart.

  • A melamine or laminate writing tablet can be added to the left or right side of the armchair.

  • Indoor Advantage Gold and LEVEL 2 certified.

Explore the finishes, textiles and components of Lancelot


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