e-Motion Adjustable Tables

Elevate your Productivity

The e-Motion table allows you to alternate between sitting and standing in order to boost your concentration and productivity. The keyboard with digital display allows programming up to four different heights, for a quick and easy adjustment.

  • Digital display keyboard with four programmable heights.

  • Built-in gyroscope ensures a level surface each time during ascension and descent.

  • Available via the Express Program for a fast delivery.

  • Table surface available in the full range of Artopex laminates.

  • Safe: Stops in case of contact with an obstacle.

  • Two quiet activation motors integrated in the legs for a quick height adjustment.

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Increases energy

Alternating positions naturally increases the energy level throughout the day. Some studies even show positive effects on mood.

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Good for the heart

Several studies show the positive impact of varying positions on different health indicators, such as cholesterol, type two diabetes and weight management.

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Improves posture

Working standing (in the right position) helps to correct the posture thus reducing musculoskeletal problems.

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