Collection of lounge furniture inspired by residential design

With its welcoming appearance, the Fjord collection embodies a sense of calm and well-being and responds to the distinct values of today’s workforce. Enhance the residential ambiance of your space by choosing the Fjord loveseat along with a selection of three table sizes, or the single lounge chair with a footrest, all available in various color finishes.

  • Lounge furniture collection that includes a single lounge chair, a loveseat, a footrest and three tables.

  • Lounge chair available in two backrest heights (high or medium).

  • Love seat medium backrest with tubular base.

  • Polished aluminum cross base or a tubular metal base available in a variety of colors for the lounge chair.

  • Footrest and Fjord tables available in three models and a variety of colors.

  • Indoor Advantage Gold and LEVEL 2 certified.

Artopex Fjord 1800X820
Fjord Fauteuil Repose Pieds 583X437
Lounge chair and footrest, tubular base
Artopex Fjord Causeuse 583X437 3
Loveseat, tubular base
Fjord Dossier Haut Base Croix 583X437 2
Lounge chair high backrest, cross base
Artopex Fjord Causeuse 583X437
Artopex Fjord Tables 583X437
Artopex Fjord Tablette 583X437

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