Express Program

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  • Aurora Chair

    Available in White, Sesame or Black, the Aurora chair comes with a four-legged base (Black plastic).

  • Auxi Chair

    Available with a Black 100% polyester fabric seat and a Black mesh back, the Auxi chair is featured with adjustable generic arms and a five-prong base.

  • Nuke Chair

    Available in White, Sage or Black.

  • Hanso Chair

    Offered with a medium seat and backrest in black or grey Mesh, the Hanso chair is specified with generic arms and a five-prong base.

  • Vortex Mesh Chair

    Available with a medium backrest Black mesh finish and a Black seat, the Vortex Mesh chair comes with adjustable arms and a Black five-prong base.

  • e-Motion Adjustable Table

    Available in a variety of sizes and in the Artopex range of laminate colors, it has a White or Black «T» base. Option to add a grommets.

  • Compact Pedestals

    Available in Polar White, Silver or Black. Pencil tray included in the top drawer. A side filing bar is included with the file drawer. Noki electronic lock always included.

  • File Cabinets

    Available in Polar White, Silver or Black. The Noki lock is included.

  • Accessories

    Multi-outlet modules, monitor arms, laminate modesty panel and more.


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