A solution for open spaces

More versatile than ever, Artopex's Axel tile system is ideal for open-plan workspaces. Inspired and ingenious, this integrated solution allows you to create environments that are full of authenticity and movement.

  • Axel offers innovative workstation configurations that naturally combine individual and collaborative work.

  • Also offered under the heading "Architectural Products", Axel Pavilions can be used to create different meeting areas, relaxation areas, private offices, etc.

  • The extended choice of finishes (laminate, felt, acrylic and fabric) provides high design flexibility.

  • Ambient noise management is improved with the acoustic fabric and felt tiles.

  • Axel offers efficient electrical wiring and cable management.

  • A new Grade A fabric card, available at competitive prices, is now offered to customize tiles.

  • LEVEL 2 and Indoor Advantage Gold certified.

  • Axel has been awarded with a Good Design Award 2020.

Artopex Projet Axel 1800X820
Axel Poste2 583X437
Axel workstations
Axel Poste10 583X437
Axel executive office
Axel Poste7 583X437
Axel 120-degree workstations
Axel Poste3 583X437
Axel workstations with adjustable tables

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