Take Off

The solution for an open space or a private office

Take Off by Artopex is an exceptionally versatile collection. Design your open space or private office with this furniture collection. Foster communication with benching tables and benefit from the storage options of layering workstations. For continuity of workplace design, 1-sided benching tables are now available.

For a fresh and elegant touch to your furniture, Artopex now offers a selection of unique legs and bases to pair with a variety of surfaces from the collection. Personalize your work environment with wood legs, metal legs, folded metal corner legs and the Double “O” Techno base.

  • Collection includes contemporary and classic designs.

  • The solution for a variety of workspaces: layering workstations or shared benching tables in open office spaces or private executive offices.

  • Integrated options for electricity and cable management.

  • Numerous storage options.

  • Personalize your tables with many choices of legs and bases.

  • Compatibility with all Artopex office furniture collections.

  • GREENGUARD Gold certified.

  • LEVEL 2 certified.

  • Colors and finishes
    • Enamel
      Abyss (3113)
      Amber (3108)
      Black (3067)
      Charcoal (3064)
      Fossil (3102)
      Grenadine (3044)
      Polar White (3002)
      Silver (3090)
      Smoothie (3109)
      Source (3106)
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    • Standard
      Abyss (3113)
      Amber (3108)
      Black (3067)
      Charcoal (3064)
      Fossil (3102)
      Grenadine (3044)
      Polar White (3002)
      Silver (3090)
      Smoothie (3109)
      Source (3106)
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    • Laminates
      Antique White (AW)
      Black - Excl. Surfaces (N)
      Carbon (CB)
      Cayenne Maple (CM)
      Charcoal (F)
      Cherry (CH)
      Chestnut (CG)
      Dalia (DA)
      Dark Oak (DK)
      Douglas Pine (DP)
      Frost (A)
      Galaxy (GX)
      Ginger Root (GG)
      Honey (HO)
      Maritime Maple (EM)
      Moka (PM)
      Sea Salt (SM)
      Sesame (SE)
      Tobacco Cherry (TC)
      Twilight (TL)
      White (BW)
      Willow Grey (WG)
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  • Components
    • Pulls
      Aluminum (X)
      Antique Nickel (YA)
      Brushed Bronze (YB)
      Brushed Nickel (YN)
      Deco (DN)
      Matte Black - Techno (MB)
      Matte Black L shape (ML)
      Satin Chrome (J)
      Techno (TN)
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    • Edge Bands
      Aluminum (W)
      Multiply Maple (V1)
      Striped Maple-Honey (R1)
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    • Grommets
      Black (G4)
      Charcoal (G2)
      Frost (G3)
      White (G1)
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