Genius Training Tables

Workspaces can easily take on many tasks with Genius office furniture. For training, conferences, meetings, and brainstorming sessions, Genius can be reconfigured on the spot! Thanks to an ingenious interlocking design, these training tables can be stored in a minimum of space.

  • Offered in two legs styles.

  • The legs on flip-top tables are rotated 20° outward for easy nesting and a minimum use of storage space.

  • Height-adjustable legs adjustable in 1” increments (from 22” to 31” with levelers and 25” to 34” with casters).

  • Conduits directly under the surface or inside the leg for cabling that is concealed yet accessible.

  • Integrated options for electricity and cable management.

  • Practical options: locking brackets, grommets, multi-outlet modules, cable trays, etc.

  • Indoor Advantage Gold certified.

  • LEVEL 2 certified.

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