SC Lounge

SC Lounge stands out for its great comfort and infinite modularity. Its thoughtful design is characterized in particular by organically shaped seats, screens and accessories featuring a unique design and refined finish.

Modules are available in a multitude of back and arm configurations, becoming an ottoman, a single sofa or a double sofa. And when specified with its privacy screens (freestanding or attached) and accompanied by an occasional or collaborative table, SC Lounge transforms into a more enclosed environment, conducive to concentration or conversation.

Designed for the present and the future, the components of the collection have been methodically thought out to offer a flexible space that can evolve over the years according to users' needs.

  • A collection of highly flexible lounge furniture; SC Lounge can take on many shapes and finishes, leaving room for your creativity.

  • Minimalist seams for a clean, aesthetic design, combined with unrivalled high-end comfort.

  • Modular acoustic panels available in two variations (attached or freestanding) to provide various levels of privacy.

  • New complementary accessories that are functional and practical: shelves, monitor stands, and coat hooks for privacy screens.

  • Zippered screen connection: unique design offers flexibility and easy movement of freestanding panels.

  • Modular electrical options in line with the various technological developments.

  • SC Lounge won the Platinum Award at the 2023 Grands Prix du Design competition in the Product discipline.

Explore the finishes, textiles and components of SC Lounge


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