SC Lounge

SC Lounge stands out for its great comfort and infinite modularity. Its thoughtful design is characterized by the organic shapes of its seats and refine looks. Adaptable to any space, the one-seater and two-seater can be paired and transformed into larger sofas. The SC Lounge collection gives free rein to your imagination as it can take many forms. The sofas can thus come with a backrest and privacy screens. This collection definitely adapts to all your needs!

Designed for the present and the future, each piece in the collection has been methodically thought out to offer you a flexible and unique space. The privacy screens are modular; they attach and detach easily. The electrical outlets are removable, thus being able to follow technological developments.

SC Lounge is a collection rich in style and choice while combining comfort and work!

  • Minimal stitching for a sleek and aesthetic design.

  • Unparalleled high-end comfort.

  • Modular acoustic panels allowing greater privacy.

  • A collection of highly flexible lounge furniture; SC Lounge can take many shapes and finishes, leaving room for your creativity.

  • Modular electrical options in line with the various technological developments.

Explore the finishes, textiles and components of SC Lounge


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