Height adjustable stool to promote well-being

Promote well-being and increase concentration with the pivoting Log stool by Artopex. Log is the ideal solution to encourage well-being in your work environment. The versatile height adjustable stool stimulates the core muscles and helps to improve blood circulation and posture.

Available exclusively in Canada.

  • Pivoting base that promotes movement by requiring the user to shift their weight to sit upright, encouraging proper posture.

  • 5” of height adjustability using the integrated lever (from 17½” to 22½”).

  • Pivoting base that allows the user to choose a position from a 5 to 12° tilt range for comfort specific to the user, specific to the task.

  • 18 ‘’ diameter slip-resistant base.

  • Upholstered seat cushion to provide additional comfort.

  • Lightweight stool made of durable plastic, available in three colors.

  • Indoor Advantage Gold certified.

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