Pigeonhole and Screen Riser

An Ergonomic Workstation

The perfect combination to vary your positions and avoid leaving everything lying around on your desk. You can equip your desk with a screen riser for a more ergonomic office desk and combine it with the multifunctional pigeonhole which will allow you to work in a standing position. An all-in-one as they say.

  • Pigeonhole dimensions: 11" X 24" X 12".

  • Screen riser dimensions: 11" X 22 1/4" X 5".

  • Made of 11/16" thick thermally fused laminate (TFL).

  • Pigeonhole shelf can be adjusted in two pre-set positions.

Artopex Pigeonnier Produit 583X437
Multifunctional Pigeonhole

Increases your storage space and will allow you to work in a standing position.

Artopex Socle Produit 583X437
Screen Riser

Raise your monitor screen to eye level for a more ergonomic office desk.

Artopex Pigeonnier Socle Produit 583X437
The Perfect Combination

The screen riser can be used as an additionnal shelf when nested in the multifunctional pigeonhole.

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