Electricity & Lighting

Artopex Electricity and Lighting Accessories provide access to electricity with solutions for a large variety of office configurations including multi-outlet modules for conventional wall power outlets or 1-circuit systems. Cable management products keep the space clean of wires. Lighting products ensure visual comfort and brighten the space. Artopex accessories can be used with our various office furniture collections (unless otherwise stated).

  • Access to electricity, cable management and lighting solutions for a large variety of office configurations.

  • Multi-outlets modules for all uses: conventional walls power outlets and 1-circuit electrical systems; modules that install on or under surfaces.

  • New 1-circuit electrical system, available with two multi-outlet options: surface multi-outlet (AC-EPiQ) and under surface multi-outlet (AC-EPSiQ).

  • Options for cable management: cable trays, cable troughs, flexible cable manager, metal or plastic grommets.

  • Task light options for installation under hutches or desk lamp.


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