Cuadro is the building block for your next design. Use it individually or shape lounge space in three dimensions with 30” geometric cube chairs that are square for design, yet round for comfort, square ottomans and table for linear designs as well as angled tables for non-linear layout possibilities.

  • The seat is made of a hardwood plywood frame covered with an Ultra-Flex® membrane, high-density polyurethane foam and a layer of moisture-wicking fiber.

  • Metal legs or moveable collaborative configurations with casters. Quick link system used to join modules together.

  • Choice of ottomans dimensions and formats: square, round, triangle or rectangular.

  • Color choices for the chairs and tables to create a contrasting visual impact.

  • A color accent for the center division of the table is available in laminate or metal finish.

  • Chairs and tables available with optional integrated power and USB access.

  • Indoor Advantage Gold certified (lounge furniture and tables).

  • LEVEL 2 certified.

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