Custom Files

Artopex has the manufacturing flexibility to offer custom metal storage and filling solutions, designing and fabricating each product specifically for the required use. Simply determine your filing and storage needs, choose the right unit size, then select the number, type and size of the drawers. And of course, pick one of our many colors to put the final touch on your customized storage design.

  • Heavy-duty construction, transverse reinforcement and robust underbody finish allow for frequent moves and long-term operation.

  • Top quality finish both exterior and interior.

  • Blocking mechanism on lateral drawers so only one drawer can be open at a time to prevent tipping.

  • Product customization available for storage and filing combinations.

  • The Noki lock is available as an option on most metal storage.

  • Indoor Advantage Gold certified.

Explore the finishes, textiles and components of Custom Files


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