Ergonomics at Home

This height adjustable desk with casters will allow you to vary your position throughout the day. Thanks to the integrated pneumatic adjustment system, the surface can reach a height of 43 ½". The height adjustment is done manually by simply pressing on the lever with one hand and pushing the work surface up or down. Sitting or standing, your workspace ergonomics will be optimized to their full potential with Millie

  • Commercial grade laminate for your home office.

  • Desk dimensions available: 24" X 42" and 24" X 36".

  • Laminate surface and base.

  • Adjustment range: 28 1/4" to 43 1/2".

  • Telescopic metal base with a choice of Silver or Black finish.

  • On casters.

Artopex Millie Base Argent 1800X820
Unite De Rangement Sur Roulettes Avec Ouverture Laterale Dalia 583X437
Storage Option

Add an open storage on casters to store many different things, such as your trinkets or your essentials.

Artopex Auxi 583X437
Add a Chair

Complete your home office space with an ergonomic chair!

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