Mute Box

Silence is now part of your space

Mute BoxTM is available in Solo for a single person or in Collab for meetings with 2 to 4 people. Sometimes a refuge, sometimes an enclave for a multimedia meeting with colleagues, Mute Box improves privacy and wellness in open areas.

  • Freestanding booth that can be easily integrated into any space, without requiring changes to the existing building.

  • Superior acoustic performance: double glass walls and 3-inch air chamber, door seals, high density soundproof.

  • Optimized ventilation with high performance air flow and adjustable power.

  • Multi-outlet options available to plug in your mobile or computer and three screen configurations available for the Collab.

  • A variety of interior and exterior finishes to choose from.

  • Can be personalized with a choice of furniture.

Artopex Mute Box Collab Solo 1800X820 Test3
Artopex Mute Box Collab 2 1800X820
Artopex Mute Box Solo Crema stool
Optimized acoustics

The Mute Box complements open spaces by offering compact, acoustically optimized booths that can be integrated anywhere in an open area.

Artopex Mute Box Collab bench
Free as air

The Mute Box includes optimized ventilation with high performance air flow and adjustable power. An important advantage to ensure the wellness of the booth users.

Artopex Mute Box Collab 2 screens 3 Element Active seating
Optional furniture

The Mute Box offers many layout and furniture choices to match your booth’s vocation.

Explore the finishes, textiles and components of Mute Box


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