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Protective screens adapted for the return to your work environment

The current situation which we are facing, and social distancing requirements have forced our teams to think about future workspace arrangements that maintain innovation and collaboration between work teams. Artopex introduces three new design solutions which can be integrated to your current and future workspace.

Worksurface Freestanding & Universal Protective Screens

These freestanding screens were developed for today’s new reality. They represent a universal solution which can be adapted to different working environments.

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Worksurface Protective Screens

Organize your workspaces to ensure the safety of your teams with Artopex laminate or acrylic protective screens. These screens can be fixed to work surfaces to create safe spaces that maintain the design integrity of your work environments.

Our Cleaning and Disinfecting Guide
Our recommendations on cleaning products and methods to use

With the current situation, we must be extra vigilent and take precautions regarding the cleanliness of our working environments. The fabrics and materials used require special attention and their maintenance should not be neglected in order to lower the risk of spreading microbes.

Here is our cleaning and disinfection guide which includes recommendations on cleaning products and methods to use depending on the materials to ensure the maintenance of a healthy and functional workspace.

Rediscover Artopex Solutions

Rethink your office layout to provide a design distance of at least two meters with our product collections.