Artopex Log 1800X820

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The perfect duo for your learning spaces

Engage students and employees in a dynamic learning environment with Genius educational seating and Log height adjustable stool! Genius provides the flexibility to quickly reconfigure the classroom for lectures as well as collaborative and individual work while Log encourages well-being by stimulating the core muscles and improving blood circulation and posture.

Artopex Genius 583X437
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Artopex Log 02 583X437
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Artopex Log Genius 583X437

New black pull models

Two new black pull models are now available for the following collections: Take Off, Take Off Conference, Uni-T, Nano, Time.

Poignee Ml 414X310
Poignee Mb 414X310
Poignee Espace 414X310
New collections

Browse through our latest collections of new products to create a unique design for your office space! Introducing Fjord, AxelTM and the adjustable meeting tables.

Fjord Collection 880X700
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Axel Poste1 880X700
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Artopex Table Ajustable Ronde Dalia Noir 583X437
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