Axel's 1000 creative possibilities

When it comes to designing your office space, there's a wide range of possible structures. How can you promote collaboration and functionality, while at the same time creating an environment that stimulates creativity and is characterized by sophisticated design? Artopex designer Daphnée Dorion has developed various architectural designs especially for you, featuring our Axel collection in a way that is totally different from its original use. Discover our new configurations, like you've never seen before, and let your creativity lead the way!


Vue Plongée - Train Axel Express
Vue transversale - Train Axel Première Classe
Vue complète - Train Axel Gare

Our designer illustrated Axel as a train, with its spaces easily assembled and disassembled like stations. Her idea was to design creative, hybrid spaces that would entice employees to come and work in these offices. The focus was on maximizing space and choosing stimulating and natural colors. One of Axel's distinguishing features is that it allows multiple uses with a single product. Discover some of the spaces imagined by our designer below.


Brainstorming Room

Train Axel - Express - Brainstorm

Both welcoming and informal, this room is ideal for small-team meetings. It offers an immersive experience where creativity and collaboration are the order of the day. The four pop-up tables promote dynamism. First a large and traditional meeting table, then individual tables where each collaborator has control over his or her posture (height) and easy movement around the room.

Break Room

Train Axel - Express - Salle de pause

Relaxation at its best! The integration of biophilic elements (greenery and light) aims to make this room both soothing and energizing. Acoustic materials and comfortable furnishings promote relaxation. Circulation areas make the space lighter.

Meeting Room

Train Axel - Express - Salle rencontre goutte

More traditional, this meeting room maximizes the use of its components. The architectural walls, made of acoustic felt tiles, allow documents to be pinned up with thumbtacks. Stackable glass panels accentuate luminosity, without diminishing the room's sense of intimacy. All our metal components can be arranged to promote uniformity of color throughout the room.

Video-conferencing Room

Train Axel - Express - Salle vidéo-conférence

With its welcoming and resimercial looking atmosphere, this room is sure to become an employee favorite. For spontaneous meetings with or without interaction with the interlocutor, this video-conferencing room favors comfort and acoustics. The original use of a hutch as a console and the Axel bench maximizes space and creates depth in the room.

Closed Office

Train Axel - Première Classe - Bureau fermé

Here's a workstation designed to be ultra-ergonomic, elegant and hyper-functional. This space is perfect for managers or human resources staff who need to meet other resources in the course of their work. Axel's architectural potential opens up the window edges, allowing better light distribution, which enhances concentration and reduces noise and visual distractions. Both nomadic and hybrid, this workstation offers plenty of storage space at wall level, while the effect of the integrated furniture makes it easy to move around.

Double Office

This workstation has been designed to accommodate employees in hybrid mode, perfectly suited to the new reality of a large majority of today's businesses. It offers all the functionality required for non-assigned workstations. Small personal rolling storage units enable each employee to move their equipment from one workstation to another. Coat and/or bag racks as well as pigeonholes have been integrated to meet user needs.

Bistro Lunch Area

Train Axel - Gare - Bistro

An original space that will charm more than one of us! This creative design is completely off the beaten track. It's a perfect example of the versatility offered by our different collections. Pavilion-mounted crossbars, topped with a surface and pigeonhole, were used to support the bistro-bar glass. Our Crema Dolce stools add comfort and dynamism to the space. Attractive communal areas where colleagues can relax and socialize, such as the one above, will inspire employees to use the space provided.