Architectural Walls

Architectural products for your workspaces

Artopex concluded a strategic partnership with Muraflex for its architectural wall division. Artopex's sales teams will support the distribution of the Muraflex product lines.

Muraflex architectural partition solutions transform workspaces. These demountable glass wall systems and self-supporting structures combine aesthetics and functionality. Seven product collections are offered to define your working environments: MIMO, FINO and QUADRO demountable glass partitions, the EXPO telescoping door system, the PLANIKA demising wall systems and the ARCO and ZITTO freestanding systems.

Available exclusively in Canada.

  • Environnement

    Architectural walls correspond to your corporate philosophy for sustainability. The different collections contribute to the LEED and WELL codes.

  • Acoustics

    Architectural wall provide private environments for meetings, as well as for closed offices. The superior acoustic properties of the panel composition ensure fewer distractions so that concentrating on the task at hand is easier on both sides of the wall.

  • Amovible

    What is your next move? Architectural walls keep pace with your company’s evolution – modify existing configurations or take them with you to your next space. With these solutions, there is no reason to fear change.

  • Flexibilité

    These solutions provide the design freedom to bring your vision to light. The flexibility of architectural partitions open up endless creative possibilities by breaking down barriers and adapting to the unique architecture of any space.


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