Mayhew – a workplace that works – with Artopex


Mayhew’s corporate vision states that “a workplace that works will optimize space, promote communication, foster collaboration, enhance wellness and boost productivity”.

The design team at Mayhew, headed by Design Principal, Steven Cascone, and in close collaboration with Registered Interior Designer and Artopex product specialist, Kelly Mitchell, put into practice the advice they give their clients when creating the design solution for the new Mayhew office space.

Optimize space

Since some of the team work primarily from the office; while others often work remotely or from customer sites, Mayhew was able to implement a space plan that could take advantage of these varied work styles. The facilities strategy that followed enabled Mayhew to consolidate two locations into one and use their space more efficiently. The result is an approximate 6000 square foot space where every inch is put to good use.


Promote communication:

Everyone is part of the open office plan that brings together 31 dedicated work stations for the Senior Management Team, Finance and Administration, and Design Teams and 3 free-address work stations used by remote working staff for a total of 34 workspaces. The lower Uni-T system panels with glass panel top inserts create a feeling of inclusion and supports clear lines of communication amongst peers.


Foster collaboration

Alternative workspaces have been incorporated creating collaborative spaces supporting groups from 2-16 people. The two project rooms have custom length tops on Downtown tables to accommodate the review of large drawings for internal team and client meetings. The conference room with a conference table and Sentinel seating accommodates 12-16 people.


Boost productivity

By leading with design, the Mayhew team created an engaging workplace where all the factors align for a positive effect on the people that use it. A relaxed home environment was achieved on the blank canvas through the use of a darker color palette on the furniture and the décor.


Enhance wellness

The 31 dedicated work stations are all equipped with Take Off height-adjustable tables. And they are a huge hit! Everyone is finding the right personal sit-stand balance. Steven likes to stand first thing in the morning while checking his emails and returning phone calls. For work requiring more concentration, he likes to be in a seated position. He is using the height adjustable function throughout the day, as are his colleagues.


Artopex products responded perfectly to each of Mayhew’s planning goals to create a healthy and happy workplace that truly does work.

“Working with Artopex furniture products for our new office space ensured we were able to maintain a cohesive design aesthetic, while being mindful of our project budget. My design team and I were very pleased with the product and finish options available to us during the design process and the Artopex team was also very accommodating while closely working with us to customize some of the product solutions to meet our needs. I’m extremely confident in recommending Artopex furniture products to our clients on current and future projects”, explains Steven Cascone, Design Principal.

The end result: better workplace, better business!