Artopex inaugurates the StudioLab: a new creative space highlighting the company's innovative philosophy

Artopex is proud to announce the StudioLab’s official inauguration: an exclusive and creative space for the company's research and development, and marketing departments. This new space, located at the Pro-Systèmes plant in Granby, will become the official incubator for Artopex's next products.

A Major Modernization for the Pro-Systèmes Facility

In 2018, Artopex announced major investments in the modernization of its manufacturing plants and headquarters. In 2019, after the completion of work at the head office as well as the expansion of the TEC Innovation plant in Sherbrooke, it was now Pro-Systèmes plant’s time for a change.

These changes include the modernization of the plant and its technologies, the complete reorganization of the offices of the Pro-Systèmes and Can-Bec teams, the revamp of the building's exterior facade and, finally, the creation of the new StudioLab.

As the recipient of the Innovative Manufacturer award at the Mercuriades 2022 competition, it was only fitting for Artopex to continue its innovation efforts by investing in this kind of center.

A Different and Inspiring Look

While the Artopex head office has a look that is in line with the company's brand image, where red predominates, the StudioLab has its own identity reflecting the two teams that work there every day.

Indeed, the office follows the trends of resimercial, unassigned furniture and biophilia. Since brainstorming sessions and teamwork are frequent during the product development process, the StudioLab is composed of several collaborative areas and spaces where the teams can share their ideas: from the coffee space to the lounge area, including the conference and the brainstorm rooms.

Artopex products are integrated and optimized for unassigned use. Each team member has his or her own mobile pedestal, locked with a Noki electronic lock, a personal belongings box and a choice of fixed or height-adjustable work surfaces.

An Avant-Garde Workplace

The StudioLab that is being introduced today is the result of a close collaboration between Artopex and Bromont-based design firm Cyr Cathcart.

Our vision was to create a space that would not only encourage reflection and sharing, but also a place that would surprise with its avant-garde and mysterious side. That's why unique elements were added to the design, such as the entrance corridor and the hidden door, which limits access to new products in development

As for the name StudioLab, it refers to the distinct areas of the office. On the one hand, there is the Studio space, which is the research and work area. On the other side of the famous hidden door, there is the Lab space, where the magic happens and prototypes are created.

The StudioLab, which is part of the company's primary desire to showcase its ability to innovate, is also intended to attract new creative talent. Artopex plans to put this innovative space to good use and continue offering its customers unique and new products.