NeoCon as If You Were There

Did you not get the chance to visit NeoCon this year? No problem!
We have prepared you a summary of the key trends featured at the world’s leading office furniture trade show!


The End of a Blur
A few years ago, the residential-style entered the office furniture industry. Today, it is fair to say this trend is confirmed and is taking over the workplace. As a matter of fact, large manufacturers’ boldly display sectional sofas made of comfortable materials, coffee and side tables, and even dining room tables. The lines between the workplace and home are no longer blurry but virtually non-existent. It’s the end of the “corporate” style, and this gives way to authenticity in terms of visual design and material selection.

Dampen This Sound That I Cannot Hear
Open workspaces encourage collaboration and interaction between colleagues. The downside about these designs is the emergence of problems related to the management of ambient noise and the level of focus of the working teams. This year, innovations to promote the management of acoustic comfort abound.

Phone booths are presented in many variations and within a wide range of prices. Pavilions, which share the same vocation in a way than private enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, are interpreted by most major manufacturers. Apart from improving the management of acoustic comfort, these are key arrangement pieces by their innovative design. What do these innovations have in common? The omnipresence of felt acting as a sound-absorbing barrier and the million different ways it can be used in spaces.

Flexible you say?
Traditional workspaces are in full transition toward flexible environments. Open spaces need to be flexible collaborative spaces allowing users to configure their space according to the task at hand, the number of collaborators, the technology used, etc. The vertical multimedia furniture and self-supporting screens on wheels have therefore made an impressive entrance this year.

In the same spirit, some manufacturers have unveiled lounge collections on wheels that allow the arrangements and reconfigurations of spontaneous spaces. We have also noted that café-style nooks are very popular to support the trend of unassigned and mobile workstations. Out with personal storage and cabinets: a power socket for a laptop and access to the WiFi network will do.

The Biophilic Design Prevails
The biophilic design is a dominant trend that is not about to go out of style. The tendency to seek connection with nature is expressed by incorporating plants and by choosing nature-inspired shapes, materials, colours, textures, and finishes. We all know that extending the workspace to the outdoors is possible to allow a direct connection with nature.

Rounded Shapes Are Legion
The era of straight lines appears to be over. Armchairs are curved, rounded and padded, and ottoman arrangements are setting the trend: curved lines are everywhere!

Vibrant Colours Set the Tone
The pastel colour era is coming to an end. Tone-on-tone colours are still very trendy, but the colours are updated and enliven the workspaces. Some shades are more subdued and their colours are softer and deeper, but we are far from pastels and organic colours from the past years. The mid-century style is gradually fading away to leave room for more cheerful looks inspired by the 70s.