Fall for the New Artopex Products

Welcome to the heart of a vibrant season of new arrivals, where new collections, new products, and new layouts come together to bring you an infinite world of possibilities.

Discover today the latest generation of Take Off, the new SC Lounge collection, the bistro tables and the high back Hanso chair.

A Breath of Freshness for Take Off

Take Off is our key collection at Artopex, and has been since 1999. This line of freestanding furniture is found in the heart of many Canadian and American companies. Like all collections, Take Off must evolve and follow design trends. We are therefore proud to present today the results of several months of work: the fourth generation of Take Off.

From luxurious executive desks to multi-workstations, unassigned work surfaces, collaboration spaces and diversified storage units, Take Off owes its popularity to its impressive versatility and quality.

The new generation of Take Off is no exception to the rule, quite the contrary! More flexible than ever, it pushes the boundaries and adapts to today's office, while offering new and unique ways of working.

When Flexibility Meets Esthetics

Take Off allows you to create and dream by proposing furniture of unequalled modularity and impeccable esthetics. The collection offers you a wide range of products, all of which have a common feature: a modern look and a high quality finish.

Beyond its modern look, the new generation of Take Off also introduces unique and practical pieces that optimize work environments and make room for new ways of working. Discover green walls, collaborative walls, adjustable surfaces, acoustic recessed backs, mobile storage units and much more!

Simple Cocooning, With SC Lounge

SC Lounge is a new collection of modular sofas, ottomans and intimacy screens that allow you to create functional and comfortable spaces with a warm appearance.

Esthetically, the collection is characterized by its generous proportions, its inviting rounded shapes and the quality of its execution. In terms of functionality, the expanded range of modules and privacy screens offers great freedom to create environments suitable for meetings. In solo mode, SC lounge becomes a true haven of peace where you can center yourself and escape for a moment.

Smooth Collaboration

Combine work and comfort with SC Lounge. The collection allows you to create functional and truly unique collaborative spaces. This chair will become your favourite place to meet up with colleagues. Add acoustic modular screens and create a true workspace in which you will be free to discuss and generate your best ideas.

With SC Lounge, we say goodbye to straight lines and we welcome organic lines, natural shapes and residential comfort. The intimity screens are added to truly cozy seating, creating unique environments for relaxation, collaboration and concentration. With its signature look, colorful zippers and flowing lines, SC Lounge is sure to be an eye-catcher!

Bistro Tables: to Harvest Your Ideas

The bistro table can be used in several ways, either as a bistro table in cafeterias, as a conference table or as a Mediacom table. Its design and sturdy construction will make this table your go-to for many years.

The mediacom bistro table encourages collaborative work, both on site and remotely, with its wall allowing the addition of a monitor. It can also include a wire cover on the front or back of the wall. The bistro table can be specified in different widths, lengths and heights, making it suitable for many different types of spaces.

And there's more...

Hanso, the new executive chair

The Hanso chair has already seduced many since its release! It has taken its place in conference rooms and has become an ally for long meetings.

Today, rediscover Hanso’s distinguished look, this time in the form of an executive chair. Its high backrest and original lines make it the perfect office chair!

New low tables

New low tables have been created to go with the SC Lounge collection. Discover Oxalis, a charming trio of small triangular tables inspired by the plant world, as well as Capsul, a side table designed to work comfortably in our sofas and lounge chairs.

All of these new Artopex products are available for order today and are featured on our website. A web page has also been created for this purpose and includes all the brochures of the collections, take a look and get inspired!